Can you turn on iCloud syncing?
Unfortunately iCloud syncing isn't so simple unless you require a persistent online connection. I made the choice to focus on making a great game that could be played online, or off. Unfortunately this means no iCloud syncing.
I had trouble closing an ad.
Our ad system uses several ad networks and they each have different rules about when ads close automatically, or when a user can close an ad.  Most ads that can close have small X buttons in the upper left OR right corner and those may not be available right away. If you wish to remove ads permanently from the game, the purchase of any puzzle pack also turns off ads for the lifetime of the game.
Are the daily puzzles at Merriam-Webster different than the ones in the game?
Yes! Give them both a shot each day.
Is a version for Android coming?
That is the plan at some point. For now I'm focusing on launching a great game for iOS. Android users can still play the daily puzzles that are posted at Merriam-Webster.com
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